Maldives is a pearl of the Indian Ocean

Мальдивы - жемчужина индийского океана

Мальдивы – жемчужина индийского океана

The dark blue surface of the Indian Ocean was covered with blue rings. Then it became clear that it is coral islands.
Passengers of the plane appeared on the island on which there was only a runway and some buildings of the airport. Nearby there was an island which entirely is built up with modern buildings. It is Male, the only city on all state. In this state not a taxi, only motor boats, yachts, hydroplanes. The main feature of local hotels – almost all numbers have an exit to the coast of the ocean. Tourists live in a bungalow, and in the depth of the island there are constructions for the personnel.

The narrow barrier reef surrounds practically each island, forming a lagoon 20 – 30 meters wide. Water level in a lagoon is almost always slightly more than a meter so for fans to swim for a while, conditions quite mediocre.

Everywhere it is necessary to come into water in beach slippers as, practically everywhere it is possible to step on fragments of corals.

On islands not of neither poisonous insects, nor snakes so tourists have nothing to be afraid. The only danger to them is in water are slopes and moray eels and if to disturb them.

In each SPA hotel – services take an important place. Stardom of hotel practically is not reflected in their quality in any way. Treasured massages and wrappings will be offered performed by the experts who are written out from Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bali. SPA – procedures on average will cost 70 – 200 dollars for a session.


Near some expensive hotels, you can find good tennis courts, is not worse at all than tennis courts in Moscow, on them you can play wonderful game in tennis, and have a rest a little from salty water and a beach.

It is possible to go on nearby islands with excursion accompanied by the guide. To fans of independent walks lease of the boat of Dhoni – 200 dollars in 2 hours, the boat – is twice more. It is possible to rent a seaplane for 1500 dollars.

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