Sights of Turkey: St. Sophia Cathedral

Sights of Turkey

Sights of Turkey

In Turkey there is a unique sight which endured a set of events, various character. There is it in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, in last Constantinople. This grandiose construction, which construction began in 532 on a place of the destroyed temples, was conceived by the emperor of that time Justinian as Christian church, a full name – St. Sophia Cathedral.

St. Sophia Cathedral from within

St. Sophia Cathedral from within

For construction of the temple were used the marble columns and details collected from all Byzantine empire. Outstanding architects of that time were engaged in construction of St. Sofia, their names: Anfimy and Isidor , on it they needed five years, and in 537 took place opening of Orthodox Church. Majestic construction was so magnificent and skillful that by right was considered as one of the best structures of that time.

More than one thousand years the temple of St. Sofia was a symbol of Byzantium and an important indicator of Christianity around the world. The external beauty of the temple did not concede in anything also to internal furniture, thanks to a large number of windows, architects managed to achieve literally mystical impression of a dome of church which seems that soars over a construction.

Now - Hagia Sophia

Now – Hagia Sophia

But 1453 became tragic for the orthodox world, the city was seized by Mehmet the second who is the Muslim as caused reorganization of Orthodox church in the Turkish mosque. Christian images were replaced addressed to Allah, and names of caliphs and imams, and the cathedral began to bear the changed name, Hagia Sophia. But that is interesting, this construction so remained majestic and sign around the world, but now not for Christians, but to Muslims. For five hundred years, the construction was an architectural example for other mosques of the Turkish world.

Christian mosque

Christian mosque

In the nineteenth century the Turkish president Kemal issued the decree in which it was said that Hagia Sophia has to be turned into the museum. The best restorers were invited for this purpose, thanks to their work there was a restoration of the destroyed construction elements. Unfortunately, in an architectural complex for extraction of historically important points of Christianity, everything was necessary to offer some details of Islamic art, but, it was succeeded to keep balance between important world cultures.

Unless it is possible to present existence of the Christian mosque, it appears what yes, and today everyone has opportunity to visit this unusual place, to touch different, but very significant religions of the whole world. And, probably, thanks to such to powerful merge of religions, it is possible to believe in a parable, that the crying column being in the territory of a cathedral temple grants the wishes made near it.

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