The trip in the USA is obligatory

The trip in the USA

The trip in the USA

Many people forget that the USA are not only a place where it is possible to get good job, but also coutry with the richest historical, cultural traditions. It is a wonderland, and such image is maintained constantly by Americans, creating all new and new unique constructions and other “exclusives”. Anyway, we consider that each person has to visit America and the eyes to see all those sights which since the childhood flash at it before eyes in photos and frames of movies.

The USA - natural miracles

The USA – natural miracles

Travel business is developed in the USA unusually. While Americans seek to visit exotic islands and the low-experienced African countries, at the same time there is a powerful flow of the tourists aspiring to America. On article of tourism budgets not only many states, but also small towns are constructed. Thus the psychology of citizens of the USA is constructed in such a way that they at young age make a complete set of excursions for acquaintance with sights of the country, and already then go for other country.

Cities of the USA

Cities of the USA

There is a lot of interesting places, after all in America always sought to create all very best: the highest houses, the longest bridges, the smartest parks and attractions. For Europeans some strategy for carrying out fascinating tourist round are offered. First, there are thematic excursions organized at the highest level of service. It can be, for example, a trip “From the ocean to the ocean”, “New York – the capital of the world”, “Florida – eternal summer”, “Las Vegas – Sin City”, etc. Each guest of the country itself chooses the route which is in advance developed by specialists of travel agencies.

Bible "Belt"

Bible “Belt”

Besides, there is an opportunity and independently to examine the country, and it is not necessary that it to make to read dream book. For this purpose in reference books for tourists the territory of America is broken into “belts”: Solar belt, Bible belt, Corn belt, Iron belt, etc. Having made a trip along such route, it is possible to penetrate in details into one of interesting pages of the present and last whole region, to recognize all its architectural and cultural sights.

For example, having visited the cities of the Bible belt, it is possible to get acquainted with history of development of different religious trends in the USA. The solar belt is a set of the cities and towns of the South of America where summer – all the year round, and rest here on beaches of both oceans is not less substantial and interesting, than on exotic islands.

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