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Athens is a fantastic city

Who likes to travel? Most likely, the bigger number of the population of the earth, and is possible also all her inhabitants. Fortunately our planet provides a huge choice of places for tourism and rest.

Bosforsky Bridge

Bosforsky Bridge is a symbol of Istanbul and sight of all Turkey. It is one of the longest bridges of the world, its length makes 1560 meters.

Sights of Turkey: St. Sophia Cathedral

In Turkey there is a unique sight which endured a set of events, various character. There is it in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, in last Constantinople. This grandiose construction, which construction began in 532 on a place of the destroyed temples, was conceived by the emperor of that timeRead More…

Swisshorn Gold Palace – really gold hotel

It is considered that one of the most treasured desires of any person is opportunity to eat and sleep on gold. Kings and all richest people since ancient times aspired to it. However, if the desire to eat on gold easy to realize, having made kitchen ware of this precious metal,Read More…

French riviera is still prestigious for rest

Now advertizing tourist campaigns are carried out in such a way that the main attention in them is paid to resorts which need to be “untwisted”. Mainly, it concerns new Turkish, Egyptian and Arab hotel complexes, thus, as though deliberately forgetting about the known and already rendered habitable places longRead More…

The trip in the USA is obligatory

Many people forget that the USA are not only a place where it is possible to get good job, but also coutry with the richest historical, cultural traditions. It is a wonderland, and such image is maintained constantly by Americans, creating all new and new unique constructions and other “exclusives”.Read More…

Rest in Bulgaria will be pleasant to you

Bulgaria now is one of the countries where travel business roughly develops. In the near socialist past it also occupied one of the leading places on tourism, but right now rest in Bulgaria which entered recently into the European Union rose by qualitatively new level.

Extreme in human life: the most popular extreme sports

Part 1. The extreme in life and in sport now is considered the normal phenomenon. Human nature is so arranged. It does not maintain long lasting rest and regularity. The person periodically needs an emotional shake-up, and in many cases, it is really justified. Psychologists noticed long ago that inRead More…

Maldives is a pearl of the Indian Ocean

The dark blue surface of the Indian Ocean was covered with blue rings. Then it became clear that it is coral islands. Passengers of the plane appeared on the island on which there was only a runway and some buildings of the airport. Nearby there was an island which entirelyRead More…

Lupita Island Resort & Spa

Lupita Island Resort & Spa is a unique hotel located at the Lake Tanganyika in West Tanzania. The hotel is built on a separate island with 130 acres square and provides accommodation in 11 luxury cottages.

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