Swisshorn Gold Palace – really gold hotel

Swisshorn Gold Palace - really gold hotel

Swisshorn Gold Palace – really gold hotel

It is considered that one of the most treasured desires of any person is opportunity to eat and sleep on gold. Kings and all richest people since ancient times aspired to it. However, if the desire to eat on gold easy to realize, having made kitchen ware of this precious metal, but to sleep and in general to live on gold it is not really real now.

Now on the planet it is possible to allocate only two palaces which apply for the name “Gold hotel”. It is Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong. They are really executed with use of a significant amount of gold.

For example, on construction of the Hong Kong Swisshorn Gold Palace got two and a half tons of gold metal, and representatives of jeweler holding who had opportunity for themselves to get gold at more acceptable prices were engaged in production of this architectural masterpiece. Though as they also did not try, the cost of a brand new oriental carpet from gold cost them in 2006 82 million dollars.

Swisshorn Gold Palace - gold toilet bowls

Swisshorn Gold Palace – gold toilet bowls

The Swisshorn Gold Palace hotel – a construction by the sizes rather modest also consists of only one hotel room. The hotel occupies only one (first) floor in the building belonging to the Hang Fung Gold Technology company and being on the peninsula of Kowloon.

What here gold, and what not gold, you ask? With confidence it is possible to answer that gold here all – each millimeter of hotel, even latches for water supply too gold. However, if ware, tableware and bathroom equipment are really made completely of gold here, here all the rest – is only covered with it.

In total from pure gold

In total from pure gold

So-called mosaic gold by means of which the hotel is gilded, represents the thinnest plates (sheets) of the real gold of the 585th test. Thickness of such leaf – fluctuates from 0,13 to 0,67 microns! That is, in other words, it simply dust with which surfaces become covered. Here by means of such dust the furniture, walls, a ceiling of hotel are dressed. And from such dust of an allergy it seems does not happen, though. can visit just in case a forum about health, and ask opinion of experts. Can consider, and can not consider such number in hotel gold now.

Swisshorn Gold Palace –your gold dream

Swisshorn Gold Palace – your gold dream

To spend the night in number costs 26 thousand dollars, and for the last four years of persons interested to feel super – rich men was almost not. However marketing specialists of the company got out of situation – the hotel pochasovo is leased for holding any important solemn events (anniversary, a wedding banquet). Besides, the hotel gets profit on the tourists wishing to look personally at this wonder of the world and to be photographed in it. Such pleasure costs only 3 dollars, plus should be bought permission on video and a photo shooting.

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