Extreme in human life: the most popular extreme sports



Part 1.

The extreme in life and in sport now is considered the normal phenomenon. Human nature is so arranged. It does not maintain long lasting rest and regularity. The person periodically needs an emotional shake-up, and in many cases, it is really justified. Psychologists noticed long ago that in the conditions of limited influence of the strong irritating factors, the personality gradually comes to a condition of some decline.

Extreme sports promotes emotional coloring of daily everyday life. But, besides, they are necessary and for another, not less important in human life. For example, for increase of a self-assessment. Understanding that better it nobody can fly by on a glider or go down in sea depths, the athlete to himself treats with great respect, and it forces also other people to change to it the relation.

Playing extreme sports, the person understands that teeters on the brink of life and death. Many athletes claim that in such state itself start treating more validly everything and all. The understanding grows that in life there are trifles, and there are also main values – kindness, fidelity, friendship, mutual aid.

Self-improvement – here one more purpose. Dexterity, speed, coordination, endurance, force – all this, undoubtedly, increases during occupations by extreme sports. Many of them demand long studying and laborious trainings. The athlete gains new physical qualities, cultivates at himself will power, develops intelligence.

To check yourself, to understand that you really stand, it is possible playing only extreme sports. They suggest to try on a choice themselves in different environments and in elements: in water, in air, at height and in depth, in mountains and in the depth of the earth. Everywhere there are different feelings, new feelings and emotions. In total about forty types of such sport are!

Not everyone can play such sports. Also their usual daily occurrence arranges some. But the one who at least once tried to start being engaged in extreme types, already will never leave this occupation!

Part 2.

First place! “Better than mountains there can be only mountains…”
Selects extreme occupations of people to itself for the tendencies and opportunities. Who likes height, and to someone, on the contrary, – underground labyrinths. To someone the sea, and to someone – the heated autorace circuit. Practically everywhere it is possible to receive thrills!

альпинизм, как смысл жизни

альпинизм, как смысл жизни

Somehow so it developed, what even among extreme sports there are champions of popularity. Undoubtedly, the main thing among them is the mountaineering. Better than mountains there can be only mountains – these well-known words still attract thousands of people on mountain routes. Abrupt heights are in all, without exception, the countries. Leadership is held by mountain “countries” – Pamir, the Himalayas, the Alps.

To visit mountains is means not only to conquer some peak. It always and victory over itself. The person, fighting against difficulties and dangers of a route, understands himself better, realizes the real forces. Besides, mountains allow to have a rest to soul, help with thoughts to come off ordinary vanity, give rise to philosophical thoughts.

Second place! Immersion under water with an aqualung
As look, the second for popularity, it is possible to consider immersion under water with an aqualung – diving. The underwater kingdom is a special world where there are no sounds but where there are surprising combinations of light and shade where special paints of the sea which you will not see on a terrestrial surface. For the sake of it divers risk life, after all not everyone can plunge under water.

Dangers of depths trap continually, and is capable to cope with them not only the strong and courageous person, but also the one who has good attentiveness and observation, the one who is capable to count the behavior on some steps forward. The sea rewards the person. It gives it not only an excellent portion of adrenaline, but also gives feeling of the fine.

Прыжки с парашютом

Прыжки с парашютом

Third place! Parachuting
One more excellent type of extreme sport – parachute jumps. Parachutists consider themselves as brothers, and there were many cases when they helped each other, being airborne. Dangerous situations can arise at any time, and in parachuting it is very heavy to provide everything to trifles. Here plays as well the nature large role, after all the air space is always unpredictable.

It is necessary to be engaged in such sports only in the company of faithful and reliable companions. It is possible, first of all in clubs where there are attentive instructors having considerable experience in the professional sphere. Here the special atmosphere of mutual aid reigns, here understand the price of the word and acts, the true human qualities are forged.

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